Daerma Adventures

Welcome to V'Ral, traveler

Hail and well met!

Within these pages you shall come to know as much as is currently known about the people, places, and dangers surrounding the city of V'Ral. V'Ral's population consists of humans, elves, half-elves, & dwarves mainly. Although most of the friendly humanoid races have some kind of presence in the city.

Daerma Adventures started as a modified 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons™ campaign based in an unexplored section of the Forgotten Realms™ campaign setting. Since that time many adventurers have died (and even more resurrections have been cast), Erok and the Fallen Legion have taken themselves to the planes, and the city of V'Ral itself has gone missing from Aber-Toril.

We used to play online using WebRPG's java chatroom software, but they decided to start charging to use their service. So we ditched them and found an even better program called OpenRPG. The campaign has been on hold since April of 2008 due to the birth of the DM's first child, it is hoped that the game will continue at least twice a year when we gather in person for GenCon and MidCon.